guided pregnancy journal

guided pregnancy journal

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Preparing Your Spirit & Space for Motherhood


A week-by-week guided journal to help you think, feel, and prepare in new ways for the journey to motherhood - whether for the first time or for the fourth.

We are not talking hospital bag essentials and frozen pads! 


We are talking about addressing the evolution of identity, protecting your spirit, and preparing yourself in a loving way to combat postpartum difficulties. 



Excerpt from Introduction: 


What will impact your preparedness for your new babe is not buying all the things. It is not creating the perfectly decorated nursery. If you have the means, and find enjoyment in those things, then go for it. But when you are exhausted, anxious about supporting baby in the best way possible, and running on fumes, those things will not nourish you.


This is a time of transformation. The fact that we have not built more nourishing time and space into this process, we think, relates to the high rate of postpartum struggles.


Arm your spirit and your space with the intentions that you set for yourself, for your family, for your baby. We manifest it all. We choose the thoughts and energy that become how we express who we are. Here is one way to be deliberate about your spirit, and take charge of the path that will become the “cradle” of your birthing experience and your way to welcome babe’s entrance.

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Kaci R.

"By the end of the second week [taking a whole 'nother mother], I felt more relaxed, clear headed, and calm. I feel safe knowing the ingredients are natural."

Anna C.

"I can't say how glad I am to have found this. I was tired of not feeling like myself and this has made so much difference."

Juliana G.

"I felt like I didn't have time to eat right or sleep right. I was so I exhausted and anxious. This was convenient and gave the best energy and uplift."



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